360 Degree Tour! 0

I took a couple of spherical still images with the Ricoh Theta S camera we had on loan for the night. Main Room – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA Workshop – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Webcam messy

Opening SMI v3.0 – Jan 17th 0

Join us on Saturday 17th Jan for the Grand Opening of our 3rd Space! We’ve moved again – to a much larger and friendlier space! We’ve been busy over the past two months cleaning it up, repainting it and kitting it out with everything you’ve come to expect from Southampton Makerspace – plus a social […]

Update: Partition Wall Well Underway! 0

We’re making great progress preparing to move from Unit K6 to the much larger Unit F! Our landlord has very generously allowed us entry to the new space before our official move in date of 1st December so that we can clean it up and prepare it for our needs. We’re keen to use the new space […]

Unit F

With Your Help, We’re Growing Again! 1

Recently So Make It reached financial break-even thanks to our growth over the past 10 months, but we’ve all been feeling a bit cramped in our current space (Unit K6 – 2 floors roughly 350sqft each, top floor divided into two rooms). After a couple alternative spaces got away from us we met up and agreed […]

Adding stereo VU meters to a turntable 0

My fiancée got me a great gift for my last birthday: a turntable. Being a classic trance lover, I’ve since been collecting a bunch of records. The thing has really been a source of joy thus far. About a month ago I started itching to do a little electronics project again as it had been […]


Totton Family Fun Day 0

This weekend Alan the Dalek took his first tentative steps (!) outside of the space to visit the Totton Family Fun Day. He had a lot of fun patrolling the space outside of our gazebo and generally terrorising small children. Despite still being under construction and with a last-minute gym-ball for a dome, he was […]

Southampton Repair Cafe 0

Southampton   Your repair skills wanted!   Can you mend wooden items, or metal items, or garden tools, or do knife sharpening? Do you know how to mend small electrical items, or mend clothing, or fix software problems? We’re looking for a team of people with as wide a range of skills as possible to […]



#50GoodEggs 0

This weekend saw a nicely organized (thanks to the sponsors, our friends at etchUK) egg hunt mainly around Southampton City Centre.  Many local companies and groups played along, creating and hiding their own designs.  So Make It helped a little, creating a Dalek egg cup using one of our members 3D Printers, for the #HackSoton […]

Beaglebone blacks…have arrived 0

…and they are pretty sweet.  I’ve been following the beagleboard guys for a while, and was about to buy the latest beaglebone black for my 3D printer for use a host.  Thanks to the lovely guys at circuit.co we now have five (yes five!) of the sultry little blighters, a couple of touch screen TFT […]



Dalek Building Nights, 22nd & 24th April 2014 0

Continuing our trend of Prop Building and Cosplay evenings, SoMakeIt will be giving some dedicated time to its Dalek Build. If you’d like to be involved in laying down the foundations of this project, or you’re just interested to come along to see what we’re up to, then visit SoMakeIt on Tuesday & Thursday 22nd & 24th […]