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We’ve been busy!

We hope you’re having fun in the sun this summer! We’ve been busily working on growing and organising the ‘space and planning some events and workshops. We’ve also been discussing the future of the space with our generous host, rideride Cycle Workshop, and have things to announce on this front too…

Join us

Upcoming Events

7th Aug
Node.js Workshop
7:30pm, Etch, sold out!

8th Aug
.NET Gadgeteer Meetup
7pm, So Make It, free

10th Aug
10am, So Make It, sold out!

13th Aug
General Meeting
(Only members can vote)
7:30pm, So Make It, free

27th Aug
Monthly SoutHACKton meetup
7:30pm, So Make It, free


On the web

You can always view a list of our social sites in the header of our website.

The Future of Southampton Makerspace

rideride Cycle Workshop have kindly been hosting us rent-free since February, but all good things must come to an end, as it will for this by October. What to do next has been a topic of great debate* in the Makerspace over the past month or so as unfortunately we don’t yet have a high enough monthly income to go somewhere of a similar size on our own. Fortunately it looks like rideride will be staying on in Unit 4, and they’re proposing that we split the unit into 3 thereby each only renting a 3rd of it – though we still have to okay this with the landlord. Please come to our first ever General Meeting to help discuss other options – and in the mean time if you know of anywhere cheap (or free) that would be suitable for us, please get in touch!

* Not really debate, we don’t have many options!

General Meeting

On Tuesday 13th August we will be hosting our first ever general meeting – arrive at 7:30pm for an 8pm start. The meeting should last about an hour, followed by socialising (possibly down the pub). The purpose of this meeting is to discuss a few topics regarding the running of the space and to vote on the future home of the ‘space. We have an agenda on the wiki which you’re welcome to add additional topics too – just log in with the username and password you registered through the members area with.

Help us help you!

So Make It Ltd. is a volunteer-ran Makerspace, but all our current volunteers are flat out – we need your help to grow the Makerspace into something amazing. There’s plenty you can do to help us, and some topics only require a few minutes of your time – no long term commitments. That said, if you’d like to be the go-to person for an aspect of the Makerspace – e.g. marketing, newsletter, social media, safety, equipment maintenance, tidiness, future planning, events, PR, networking, wiki maintenance, payment chasing, grant hunting, etc – then please do get in touch. This won’t mean you have to do all the work for this aspect – you can delegate – but it will mean that we have a central point of contact for your chosen subject, which will be much appreciated!


We’re running a few workshops over the next couple of months:

  • Node.js workshop on Wednesday 7th August, run by Benjie at Etch.
  • git workshop sometime later in August, run by Michael and Benjie at So Make It.
  • ShrimpingIt workshop, some time in September, run by Michael, Bracken and Benjie at So Make It, kindly sponsored by Twilio
But we’d love to run more! If any of you are interested in running a workshop, lecture, class or other event then please get in touch with Jem and we’d be extremely happy to accommodate you!

Membership Privileges

A recent overhaul of our web presences has meant that all members can now draft blog posts and submit them for moderation, which we strongly encourage you to do! Simply log in with your So Make It username and password (the same one you use for the members area) at one of the following locations:


You’ll have to accept our self-signed SSL certificate. (Your browser will complain about it, but it’s probably fine*, we decided it wasn’t worth the £40 to get a wildcard certificate at this stage and Benjie is too lazy to generate a bunch of certificates to serve with SNI.)
* If you’re the kind of person who worries about this then good on you! The SHA1 fingerprint is: E1 76 8F 99 E8 DC 74 07 BE BE 3F DF 08 07 6E 6D 9C E7 86 4C.

We’ve also moved over to using members area authentication for wiki accounts (non-members can still create and use wiki accounts) – contact Benjie if you notice anything not working right on this front. Please create your wiki user profile by logging into the wiki then clicking your username at the top right, then clicking “Edit with form” and filling in the fields.

Thanks for reading this far! Future newsletters will probably be a bit shorter.
— Benjie

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