Beaglebone blacks…have arrived

…and they are pretty sweet.  I’ve been following the beagleboard guys for a while, and was about to buy the latest beaglebone black for my 3D printer for use a host.  Thanks to the lovely guys at we now have five (yes five!) of the sultry little blighters, a couple of touch screen TFT capes and a some prototyping capes.  Awesome!  For those who don’t know, these guys are a PCB contract manufacturer (although they do software, box building, testing and procurement too!) who are responsible for manufacturing the boards designed by

Our first project using these boards is a RFID+keypad door entry system for the main entrance to the SOMakeIT Makerspace unit.  This is going to be fun.

Update!  And it’s working already, providing access to members when the space is open.  Nice work Anton!