With Your Help, We’re Growing Again!

Recently So Make It reached financial break-even thanks to our growth over the past 10 months, but we’ve all been feeling a bit cramped in our current space (Unit K6 – 2 floors roughly 350sqft each, top floor divided into two rooms). After a couple alternative spaces got away from us we met up and agreed that we’d be willing to stretch £200/mo beyond our means giving us about 10 months to find the extra cash we need to keep going. Then along came Unit F!

Unit F

Unit F rough layout

Unit F is a large rectangular (14.3m x 7.3m / 1150 sqft) high-ceilinged room with a huge roller shutter capable of letting in even large vans (see rough diagram). We’re very excited because the space is so flexible we can imagine doing all sorts of things in it – and the parking situation is a bit better too!

Chris took a few photos when we were in the space the other day, you can see them on Flickr. Members can visit the new space this week – see below.

Unit F is £300/mo beyond our current means but 3 of our members have pledged to significantly increase their subscriptions temporarily bringing the space back within the realms of the risk we agreed (£200/mo); so we’ve decided to go ahead with it, but

We Need Your Help!

Income – subs, donations, sponsorship, grants

We need more income to cover the cost of the new space – and that’s not just rent but heating, moving costs, infrastructure, etc.

  • One off donations are gratefully received – please talk to Chris or any of the trustees. We plan to run a Kickstarter soon, too.
  • Any members who can afford to we’d really appreciate it if you were to increase your subscription, even just a few pounds per month would make a massive difference.
  • Anyone not subscribed (member or otherwise) we’d really appreciate even a token subscription of a few pounds per month – you can set up a subscription within the Members Area.
  • Anyone willing to run a workshop/lecture/event please get in touch as these can be a good source of income
  • Anyone who can help get us grants or sponsorship for the move or for kitting out the new space we’d really appreciate it

Planning & Infrastructure

We need to sub-divide Unit F to facilitate different activities without significantly reducing the potential of the space. Anyone who wants to help us plan how to divide the space to utilise it in the most effective means please get in touch with Benjie, and visit the new space this week!

Furnishings & Materials

We’re going to need a lot of additional things for the new space: a sink, tables, sofas, a fridge, etc; not to mention materials to build the partitions out of (wood, plaster board, fabric, etc) and plumbing and electrical connectors/conduit/etc. Dave is organising these on this wiki page – if there’s anything you can offer (or anything you think we’ve overlooked and may need) please get in touch with Dave! We can’t afford to spend money on these directly so we’re relying on the community to pull together and track them down for us!

Members Visit THIS WEEK

We’ll be allowing members to visit the new unit this week with kind permission of the Landlord – viewing will be from 8pm Tuesday (tomorrow) and Thursday, and from 2pm on Saturday. Please try and make it down if you can, we know it’s short notice! Also keep your eye out on the organization list for lots of activity. If you’re a paying member and you’re not on the organization list get in touch with Benjie!