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December opening hours 0

Just a brief update to say that we are closed from the 20th December. We are hoping to open again on the Thursday 2nd January.  We hope you have a good holiday and look forward to hearing about your inventions, creations and hacks in the new year.

Crowdfunding Campaign 0

Southampton Makerspace is a volunteer-run non-profit community space for people of all walks of life who like to make things, be they physical, digital or otherwise. Having only existed since March 2013, the Makerspace already has many tools available to use such as a 3D printer, lathe, various drills and saws, angle grinder, welder, soldering […]


New tools 2

In case you haven’t been down to So Make It recently, we have been building up a collection of tools. :   Including a mitre saw, grindwheel and pillar drill:   As mentioned previously, we also have a metalworking lathe   And of course, pretty much obligatory for a Makerspace, a 3d printer:     […]